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Slide Rei and Lee The dynamic gaming duo Rei and Lee have been involved in the gaming industry since 2004 as journalists, developers, beta testers, and media personalities.

Lee has her B.S. in Communication & Media and Industrial Engineering from NJIT, so she has a great background for “translating” the mechanical side of the games into a different perspective than the usual gamer and has drawn her own characters, plus she has done 3D modeling with CAD, Revit, and SolidWorks. She has access to her university’s 500+ member gaming community and cosplayers in the tri-state area who are avid gamers. In addition to being intelligent, she is so cute and fun to watch while she’s playing new games. She fell in love with the NES system in the early 90’s, arcade games, and old school gaming. Lee's favorite games are usually FPS, fighting games, and racing games, but school and her family took precedence over gaming so she stopped “social gaming” at the XBOX360 level. I’ve been slowly getting her back into gaming and she just started playing FPS’s again now that we both have the time for simultaneous gameplay.

Rei has been in business since he been a child and started college with the goal of pursuing Computer Technology, but left to join the US Army. After the military, he has worked for several companies and did professional acting for major studios such as ABC, FOX, and MTV. As far as gaming consoles go, he started with the Atari 2600 and kept on “leveling up” with consoles and has been gaming since he could hold a controller back in the late 80’s. He's worked on major TV productions and provided public relations expertise for companies such as Sony Playstation and created an E3 after-party launch featuring new games and prototype gaming tech at the time. He continuously develops his own IP with the Unreal Game Engine and have used 3DS Max in the past.

They are also developing a playable graphic novel game using the Unreal Game Engine on

Rei & Lee have you covered when it comes to professional content. Join them in their journey as the first fit gaming couple to have a live stream and gaming show. You will love what you see!

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