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Slide Complex, Developed, Sophisticated Creativity is something that allows a person to become defined and unique. In order to stand out in the crowd of presenters and sea of possibilities, I bring with me life experiences that go far beyond your average data sets of 1's and 0's. The rarest anomaly is the most valued, and in every instance my cultivation and communication expose worth that exceeds measure. I am daringly original and creative, mentally quick and resourceful, posses foresight both in business and needs of society, and am capable of deciding the future. A Visionary.

Slide TALENTED Since 2004, I have been developing and pushing boundaries, marking my originality, resourcefulness, and cleverness in conception to execution.

Project 1 This is part of my calling and intelligence. Creativity is a natural ability for me. After producing the re-branding campaign for the PGA (Producers Guild of America), I was introduced to a lead actor on an upcoming Prime time Television show on FOX. I was then hired to produce, direct, act, supervise the post-production, and market the upcoming series. Project 2 Preparation delivers glimpses of the future. I have produced and acted in various roles both of grassroots content and mainstream media. This has allowed me to understand the complete process from inception to reception and social feedback to viral rising. This rare attribute is something I give to any client, partner, or business that works with me.

Aside from media execution, I have also developed augmented reality projects for many various companies including Red Bull and Fielding graduate school, I have worked in the Unreal Game Engine, and have been successful at creating memorable events including the closing ceremonies for LA Fashion Week.
Project 3 Hi, it’s really a pleasure to meet you. I can do wonders and work magic for you. #RareUnicorn In my beta development phases with web design, I created an immersive interactive website that allowed guests to adventure into alternate realities, via point and click. The worlds carried a plethora of hidden areas and merchandise to purchase. I also created all the merch as an exclusive line of clothing, photos and canvasses, music, and video content.

The webpage was done in a way that has not been done before. Some pages were built in the Unreal Game Engine and once the camera angle was decided, a video would be lived streamed to YouTube. From there, I would use another program to overlay pieces onto the scene, allowing a living scene to be clickable. The more someone would explore, they would find out that the website adventure carried depth that could take days to see.
Project 4 One can dream of things far beyond grasp. I can make those things a reality. I have designed and hosted many events both on the east and west coasts of the United States. From car shows, launch parties, fashion events, after parties, musical performances, and low-key pop up art installations. Celebrities and media have covered most of my engagements.

I have dreams of events that come with large scale budgets where I can express and create milestones in visitors lives. My goals are to make lasting impressions instead of drive-bys.

My events have been sponsored by radio stations, Sony, Coca-Cola, gaming products, Status Vodka, and many other large name brands (too many to list here).
Project 1 I eagerly and passionately strive to work with others so I can discover more of what I can do. One of my first projects was making a e-zine for automotive enthusiasts. I managed everything from learning to code a website, visual illustration, journalism, photography and film, marketing, selling advertisement space, and managing staff. In its highest moment, over 11 million monthly web page visits were accounted for.
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Conception Conception Design Completion Marketing My creative process begins with the rules and needs of the client. Then I access all my experience and mentally form pathways complete with layouts and end results. I play out various arrangements in my creative space and decide which areas are best to serve the task at hand. Design Conception Design Completion Marketing After storming up the plans, I share them with the team. We decide what objects, staff, equipment, and locations will be needed and go over final cost adjustments. I create base layouts and beta/prototype counterparts to assist in ensuring the team is in sync with the goals and tasks at hand.

I manage the team like clockwork and since I am versed in various levels of product and software, I can dive into most hands-on assistance.
Consulting Conception Design Completion Marketing The product that is appreciated by the end user has to carry more than just the visual/audio value. There is an energy behind the force that is attached and resonates with every design. This understanding takes years to know, and for most, decades to perfect.

My expertise and experience has allowed me to be able to develop in the spaces where most have yet to touch within themselves. This is a priceless secret, and I deliver it every time.
Photography Conception Design Completion Marketing There are various aspects to marketing a product, design, message, impact, and so on. Never should you completely use the same content already made, you should always complement the feature with added value. This requires a mastermind to design all the additional deliverable's that can be released in the instant it is needed. I also forward think and design additional articles for years to come. Revisits allow impulse sales and rekindle options.

When I work, I plan for evergreen units while staying in the initial budget perimeters. There are countless ways to create a social buzz for the clients needs and I am able to manifest and deliver the highest quality values.
My way of approaching things is pretty amazing. #CreativeVisionary

I Make it
I Make it

Slide Allow me to help you and your clients realize the dreams and make them a reality. 646-806-1464 Milford, PA CONTACT arrow_upward